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    How To Get Children Involved In A Healthy Nutrition

    I am the mother of a very active 4-year-old, who eats a whole, plant-based diet. In other words, she consumes 95% of her daily calories from whole plant foods – vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, tubers, legumes, and grains. For us, giving her healthy foods means to keeping her diet as natural, unprocessed, balanced and as whole as possible, in order to provide her body with sufficient energy, a healthy immune system, the proper absorption of nutrients, and  in order to be able to prevent diseases right now, and much later in life. The foods she eats are rich in complex carbohydrates, fats, and protein with other health-promoting nutrients such as…

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    Why changing eating habits is challenging

    One of the most important milestones we need to be fully aware of in developing healthy eating habits is learning how to develop and establish steady ones. As human beings we always learn and develop habits by repeating patterns and establishing routines that help us structure our daily lives. We are driven to seek them because they’re predictable, and predictable means safe. We like to automate many of these too in order to fully concentrate on ways of developing our skills and carry out tasks like learning, studying, working, socializing, reading, etc. For example we eat to obtain the fuel we need to function properly. Almost never, we stop to…