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    Why Changing Eating Habits is Challenging

    One of the most important milestones we need to be fully aware of in developing healthy eating habits is learning how to develop and establish steady ones. As human beings, we always learn and develop habits by repeating patterns and establishing routines that help us structure our daily lives. We are driven to seek them because they’re predictable, and predictable means safe. We like to automate many of these too in order to fully concentrate on ways of developing our skills and carry out tasks like learning, studying, working, socializing, reading, etc. For example, we eat to obtain the fuel we need to function properly. Almost never, do we stop…

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    Essential Benefits of Chewing Properly

    I like to be an avid observer and analyst of the information that is published regarding nutrition and any other information relating to the topic. Quality, quantity, and sources of cultivation and the production of foods are the main subjects. Whether we buy organic or not, whether the organic label went through the entire evaluation and examination phase of the certification process are two commonly discussed topics. Whether we should eat this or that depends on our personal needs, and whether we should count calories and measure the number of grams we eat or not, are also commonly discussed. Most of the information is based on what we eat, but…

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    4 Reasons For the Importance of Water in the Human Body

    The human body is 70% water. That’s more than 2/3 of our human body weight. H2O: known as one of the most essential elements of health and body function. The pH of the body One of water’s main tasks is to help regulate the pH balance in the body because it is neutral – neither low pH (acidic) nor high pH (basic). The concentration of hydrogen in the body creates an acidic or basic level in your blood and organs. Water allows these free hydrogen ions to move in and out of blood, cells, and water to maintain the body’s pH, which is around 7.4. It also helps to regulate…

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    7 Methods to strengthen the immune system

    Contrast showers The idea of this practice is to get the blood flowing with warm water since warm temperatures will open the blood vessels and flush the body with blood. Then switch to cold water, which will drive the blood inward to warm and protect the internal organs from the cold. Keeps skin and hair healthy Increases energy Improves circulation Increases well-being Relieves depression Detoxifies the body Boosting the central nervous system Reduction and relief of respiratory infections and conditions Reduction and improvement in the recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue Increases metabolism The procedure is to alternate between warm and cold for two to three cycles, keeping in mind…

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    Tips For a Wholesome Travel

    One of our hobbies is travelling and we go on trips a few times a year. We love to explore new places with their local history, get to experience different cultures, traditions and ways of thinking, and most of all, we value the family time we get from travelling. Since we eat plant-based at home and like to keep a wholesome lifestyle even on trips, we always plan ahead many details of the trip.       Pack your own airplane food We do not own a car, so whenever we travel we mostly go by plane. Sometimes we rent a campervan or take the train. However, regardless of the…