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    Vegetables – preferably steamed and raw

    The term vegetable is not an officially defined technical term. It is commonly based on usage in the culinary environment and on cultural traditions, rather than on morphology. The botanical classification on the other hand is based on the variability among plants with regard to flower type, morphology, and sexual compatibility. For us to make the distinction among them, they are sub-divided into: algae and fungi; mosses and liverworts; ferns; and seed plants. Through usage, we add fungi and seed plants under the same term “vegetables” and it is on these latter two groups that our daily consumption within a plant-based diet is based. A plant has two main components:…

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    Essential benefits of chewing properly

    I like to be an avid observer and analyst of the information that is published regarding nutrition and any other information relating to the topic. Quality, quantity, and sources of cultivation and the production of foods are the main subjects. Whether we buy organic or not, whether the organic label went through the entire evaluation and examination phase of the certification process are two commonly discussed topics. Whether we should eat this or that depending on our personal needs, and whether we should count calories and measure the number of grams we eat or not are also commonly discussed ones. Most of the information is based around what we eat,…

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    A basic description of a plant-based diet

    When talking about diets in general, we often think about a specific intake of foods for weight-management reasons. Reduction, strict regimen, limited amounts and calorie counting are the commonly used methods when talking about diets because healthy nutrition hasn’t been the main principle for stipulating the quality and type of the food we eat, but rather it’s been the aim of reaching standardized body measurements and trending physical body performances imposed by many media and health institutes. The term diet per se is used to describe the food and drink habitually consumed during the day or a person’s lifestyle habits regarding food. It encompasses the habit of being nurtured in…

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    Easy homemade whole grain pancakes

    Whole grain Pancakes 1 cup whole grain oatmeal ½ cup quinoa flakes ½ cup whole grain buckwheat ½ cup whole grain rice 4 tbsp. melted fresh butter or coconut oil 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. Johanissbrotkernmehl (carob gum) 1 cup of vegetable milk 1 ¼ cups of filtered water 2 eggs     Instructions Preheat a crêpes pan or skillet to medium heat. Add all ingredients to a mixer and mix until you obtain a thick liquid batter that is easy to pour. Pour the batter into the pan, measuring it each time with a ¼ cup for the suitable size of the pancakes. Let the…

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    A guide to understanding what Superfoods represent

    Recently, an acquaintance approached me and asked me what I knew about spirulina dosages and its positive effects on promoting better concentration in children. I answered that I would have to look the information up because I honestly hadn’t read any article or scientific research on the matter. The question took me by surprise. As a person who works in the field of nutrition, I obviously know about the beloved and extremely well promoted “superfoods”. I’ve read about their components, how they help the human organism, why some foods are named that way and others not, etc. Their advertising campaigns are ingenious and cannot be ignored; to the point that many…