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Take a look around you and count the people, who feel energetic all day, are very resilient to sickness; look and feel vigorous; and live a life with feelings of fullness, plenitude and vitality.

I’ve learned least of all to reduce it’s meaning to the different types of nutrients we have in food and the “right” amount we need to intake on a daily basis. It is true, the information we get from knowing the similarities, differences, and quantities of nutrients will enlighten us in terms of knowing what we are eating, what role they play in nutrition, what they are made from, etc.

We learn some basic human biochemistry.

We learn data that can contribute to the decision of what to choose preferably at the time of nurturing ourselves.

We learn the benefits and damages of each food, aspect that can be relevant if we don’t know our body and how it works biochemically and physiologically.

What we can not get out of this information are own individual necessities. In this case, the real question is not about general importance. It is about how can we read and interpret the purpose of this information to fill our unique, personal necessities.