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Are you ready to establish, or re-establish, a close relationship with your body and make it simple and sustainable to live a wholesome, healthy life?

Are you looking to learn how to:
  • Feel energized and empowered?
  • Improve your relationship with food?
  • Cultivate long-term habits and strategies?
  • Listen to your individual body needs?
  • Gain control over your symptoms?

A personalized consultation is about customized support – 1:1 sessions – to work through your current health situation, uncover the root of the issues that are bothering you, and find solutions that will fit with your lifestyle and wellness goals so that you begin to feel better and better, every step of the way. The course of action will be developed with a focus on your individual needs and biochemistry, which will help you rebalance and heal your body naturally through the use of a unique nutritional plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle choices.

Together, our goal is to make sustainable and long-term changes based on learning how to support your body through wholesome options, like a plant-based, nutrient-dense diet, a suitable way to exercise regularly, and easy-to-incorporate mind-body strategies. All three areas will have an impact on your health due to the fact that they have profound and long-term effects on the quality of your life by increasing energy, enhancing immunity, balancing hormones, reducing chronic health concerns, and even promoting natural weight loss.

fruits, vegetables, food, eat, nutrition, nutritionist, health, healthy, wellness, vitamins, minerals, clean eating, habit, regional, seasonal, natural, fresh

How the 1:1 consultation works

Initial Consultation:

This 1-hour session, in person or over a video call, is to get to know your motivation, current health state, dietary habits, and lifestyle, including sleep, stress, and movement. Together, we are going to identify the areas you want to work on and come up with a big-picture plan to set the goals you want to reach.

Introduction to a sustainable wholesome life:

This 1-hour session, in person or over a video call, is where we lay down the foundations of your journey towards a sustainable wholesome life. You will leave this session with some introductory strategies that will help you begin to work on your goals and feel the first changes. We will also dig deeper into your own medical and health history to help us understand better where some of your symptoms might be coming from.   

2nd part of the Introduction to a sustainable wholesome life:

This 1-hour session. in-person or over a video call, is where we review and make some changes on the foundations we established in the last session. We will also go through the strategies you took home the session before to evaluate how your experience was. You will leave this session feeling more empowered and with more strategic basics that will continue to provide support so you can achieve your goals. We will finish the general recapitulation of your past history by digging into your family medical and health history.

Follow-up Sessions:

These sessions are for 1 hour, in person or via video call, spread weekly or every 2 weeks. In each follow-up session we will continue working together to unravel the root of your health issues, review, adjust and/or modify your individualized nutritional plan, work on your day-to-day challenges and the management of your lifestyle factors.

All these changes will take place at your own pace and will be step by step.

In addition to all the consulting provided, I will also provide you with recipes and various tools you may need to assist you in achieving sustainable and permanent changes in the plan designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Program overview:
  • Eating habits, mind-body relationship and lifestyle factors guidance and support
  • 1 x initial consultation
  • 2 x introduction to a sustainable wholesome life
  • Follow-up sessions depend on each individual’s needs and finances*
  • An individualized nutritional plan (food to include and exclude from it + alternatives)
  • Tools to help you begin the transition and maintain it
  • Email support throughout the entire time**

*Follow-ups can include components such as cooking lessons, experiential eating activities or grocery store trips by request.

**Response within 24 hours. Allow 48 hours on the weekend (6pm Friday to 7am Monday, unless otherwise discussed).

My current fees are 60€ / US$70 which include my pre and post work. FaceTime appointments are available! I offer consultations in English, German and Spanish.

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  • Fiona

    The sessions have been quite useful to realise that by eating healthy, I am taking care of my body and my well-being. Tatiana’s determination and passion for healthy food is contagious and has brought great benefits to my life. I feel light and more energetic during the day!

  • Mariana

    Contacté a Tatiana buscando la forma más natural posible de controlar mi pre-diabetes . Llevo 6 meses siguiendo los consejos de nutrición y cambios en el estilo de vida, ( más ejercicio físico, relajación). En un principio con ajustes pequeños y difíciles por costumbres arraigadas durante toda mi vida, pero gracias las “pequeñas tareas” semanales y la paciencia de Tatiana he ido modificando la base de la alimentación hallando en alimentos orgánicos y frescos muchos nutrientes que han reemplazado otros alimentos más tóxicos y menos saludables.
    Los exámenes de laboratorio me han confirmado que los niveles de glucosa están controlados siguiendo unas pequeñas normas de cantidad, calidad y por supuesto escogencia de alimentos. He llegado a descubrir sabores variados y a tener la sensación de satisfacción suficiente en cada una de las comidas diarias.
    Puede ser la ayuda para muchas personas que como yo buscamos no ingerir medicamentos innecesarios aprendiendo a escuchar a nuestro cuerpo y tratarlo amigablemente con una excelente nutrición.

  • Natasha Segarra

    I have a history of having irritable bowel syndrome and therefore nutrition has been an important priority for me. But at the time I came to Tatiana, I had been suffering from a weak immune system.

    I knew it was time learn to balance my diet in order to strengthen my immune system. But what surprised me, most of all, by working with Tatiana, was that she gave me, in general, a different perspective on healthy nutrition and food.

    I have learned temperance – to regulate and to indulge. “Eat not dullness” (a fine principle of Benjamin Franklin”s). I now understand that healthiness does not mean restrictions or deprivation. Thanks to Tatiana, My understanding of nutrition and my relationship to food is broader, richer and healthier.

    And yes, my immune system is now stronger than ever before, since I have been working with Tatyana, but I am, as well, spiritually and emotionally healthier. That to me, are the long-lasting benefits of holistic nutrition.

  • Jorge Ortiz

    Consulté a Tatiana con el fin de buscar consejos para una buena nutrición. Bajo su orientación he logrado mejorar el nivel de colesterol, aboliendo el medicamento para tal fin. El problema de hipoglicemia también
    esta controlado. He ganado peso con el consumo de alimentos saludables y adecuados , ademas de realizar ejercicios dirigidos por ella. Sigo muy contento con los resultados y me siento con energía.

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