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4 Fundamental Points of Any Nutrition Session

The basics are the core parameters for having a solid base which we can lean on when pursuing things in life. We establish them so that we have something to support us when we need to reinforce our resoluteness or review the reasons why we began a particular journey. We rely on them as guidelines for our challenges and failures, which are essential aspects that are part of the process of working towards our goals. In short, the basics are our solid foundation. 

 The basics structure our plan by providing us with step-by-step methods that help us make important connections to what is going on in our lives so that we can continue with a purpose in a linear way. The question arises: where to begin?  Well, we start with an immovable point that will last for a long period of time, preferably forever. One of the implicit meanings of ‘basic’ is that it is fundamental and that without it the structure could break. Therefore, we choose a principle, whose characteristics resonate with being universal and everlasting while on our journey. 

4 basic and fundamental points that I practice and go over with my clients in every session are: 
habits, nutrition, long-term, absorption, human organism, metabolism, health, environment
Chew properly. At least take 30 minutes for each meal.

How to chew and salivate properly. Breaking down food begins in the mouth. Take at least 1/2 an hour to taste and chew your food.

habits, nutrition, long-term, absorption, human organism, metabolism, health, environment
Learn to listen to your real body needs.

 Learning how to listen to what our body needs. Our body is always giving us cues and information about its daily needs that we need to understand in order to help ourselves. It is not about unfounded beliefs regarding what is best for a person, nor is it about self-diagnosis of a possible cause of some discomfort. It is about feeling what your body is telling you and getting in tune with it. Start by keeping a food diary and write down ONLY what you eat. Afterward, write ow you felt before and after each meal. You will learn lots of things about your health.

habits, nutrition, long-term, absorption, human organism, metabolism, health, environment
Habits and changes need time. Give it to them.

Giving it some time. Changing habits and learning new ones long-term is a matter of patience, consistency, and time. Do you know how long it takes the body to change or assimilate ONLY one new thing? Between 10 to 25 days! So, embrace this fact and celebrate each step you take, both those that take you forward and those that take you backward. This is a key part of the process because it shows you what you can do differently or better.

habits, nutrition, long-term, absorption, human organism, metabolism, health, environment
Drink water and always stay hydrated.

Water and staying hydrated. Drinking water is extremely important because it helps the body fulfill many functions. For example, without water, our cells cannot properly absorb the nutrients we give them. Without water, we cannot bind residues to excrete them through our stool. On the other hand, we, human beings, do not have the ability to distinguish if we are hungry or thirsty, and 97% of the time it is the latter. So, a key rule is to drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes to establish if the feeling of hunger has disappeared or if it continues. If it continues, drink another glass of water and wait another 15 minutes. If after 30 minutes the sensation continues, eat something small, like slices of raw vegetables, fruit or a handful of nuts, very slowly and chewing well. Drink at least a minimum of 1 liter a day. 

*You can find the article about the importance of doing this here.

Like all of you, I am a unique individual with particular needs that I have learned to listen to and that I have really acknowledged over the last 8 years. I’ve learned to focus on my energy levels, to observe my body’s reactions to food, situations and emotions, and to respond to them accordingly. I have learned to put myself beyond everything and to get to know myself for who I am, Tatiana. It has been a very constructive and arduous journey and one that has taught me to be patient and to give each change or modification time to take effect. This brief introduction is to tell you why I developed a deep interest in holistic nutrition due to many circumstances in my life.

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