What is Awsomewholesome?

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Your moment has arrived! Has the time come when you say it is now? Are you thinking now is the most fitting time to start doing all it takes to reclaim your energetic and wholesome lifestyle? Wonderful! I can help you!

I am committed to one thing only: to support and guide you through your journey!

Ready to make changes to your current lifestyle habits, but perhaps you have a few questions before you take that step? Or are you already working towards developing your own wholesome lifestyle habits, but not sure if you are taking the right steps?

In both cases, you can book a free 20-minute session, in which we will discuss your current situation and how I can guide and support you in being a more wholesome you.

👉🏼 https://awsomewholesome.com/free-mini-session/

Awsomewholesome, Who, What, How, Clients, People, Service, Support, Guide

It supports and guides people to establish sustainable and long-term health goals and to reduce the risk of disease through natural methods, adapted to the individual needs of each person.


My services have been customized for people who would like to:

  • Feel energized and empowered
  • Improve their relationship with food
  • Cultivate long-term habits and strategies
  • Listen to their individual body needs
  • Gain control over their symptoms and make them reversible

I work with you through your current health situation to uncover the root of the issues that are bothering you and help you find solutions to reclaim your health naturally by using food as a functional resource, so that you begin to heal, restore better habits and feel revitalized, every step of the way. 

Awsomewholesome, Who, What, How, Clients, People, Service, Support, Guide

This also includes:

1. Focusing on your individual needs and wellness goals through the use of a unique wholesome plan tailored to your lifestyle choices.

2. Guiding you  to help you make sustainable and long-term changes based on learning how to support your body through these 4 wholesome pillars:

  • a plant-based, nutrient-dense diet
  • a suitable way to exercise regularly
  • easy-to-incorporate mind-body strategies
  • access to a sustainable environment around you

3. Providing you with the tools to build a natural, organic, sustainable kitchen and to use food as an empowering functional element that has profound and long-term effects by increasing energy, enhancing immunity, balancing hormones, reducing chronic health concerns, and even promoting natural weight loss.

Why Awsomewholesome?
  • I work with 4 main pillars: nutrition, mind-emotions, movement, and the surrounding environment to help you establish a wholesome lifestyle.
  • I use food as a functional empowering tool to improve overall health and reduce the risk of disease